You might as well ask a crow

Have you brought a question with you? Could you write it down please. I need to understand this as if it were my own. Your question will become my question.

During a schedule of private consultations, Coates met with individuals invited by the gallery. He asked them to ask him a question that bears a particular significance to them. The questions posed to him vary from political and ethical to deeply personal. Utilising the gallery space in a manner of a consultation room, he discussed and worked through the questions privately with each individual by using processes and forms of reasoning that rely less on conscious rationalisation and more on imaginative experience to provide insight.

Using the information from the consultation Marcus made artworks as answers to the questions. These videos, paintings, audio works, texts and sculptures were exhibited in the gallery for the returning clients to view and discuss the 'answers' to their questions with the artist.

Commissioned by Workplace Gallery London