The Albatross Species, 2012

The Albatross Spe­cies, 2012

22 stacked stand­ard size scaf­fold boards.
The aver­age wing­spans of the 22 Albatross Spe­cies cor­res­ponds with the Brit­ish stand­ard sizes for scaf­fold boards.
(6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12ft), 360 × 82 × 22 cm

6 ft

Grey-headed Albatross T. chryso­stoma
Atlantic Yel­low-nosed Albatross T. chloro­rhynchos
Black-footed Albatross P. nigripes
Indi­an Yel­low-nosed lbatross T. (chloro­rhynchos) carteri
Buller’s Albatross T. bulleri
Sooty Albatross P. fusca
Laysan Albatross P. immut­ab­il­is
Light-mantled Albatross P. palpeb­rata

8 ft

Waved Albatross P. irrorata
Short-tailed Albatross P. albatrus
Black-browed Albatross T. melan­ophris
Camp­bell Albatross T. (melan­ophris) impavida
Shy Albatross T. cauta
Salvin’s Albatross T. (cauta) salvini
White-capped Albatross T. steadi
Chath­am Albatross T. (cauta) erem­itav

10 ft

Ams­ter­dam Albatross D. (exu­lans) amsterdamensis
Tristan Albatross D. (exu­lans) dabbenena
North­ern Roy­al Albatross D. (epo­morpha) sanfordi
Anti­podean Albatross D. (exu­lans) anti­poden­sis

12 ft

Wan­der­ing Albatross D. exu­lans
South­ern Roy­al Albatross D. epo­mo­phora

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