Mam­mal Haunts, Brit­ish Wild­life Hab­it­ats no. 6

Indigenous British Mammals, 2000

Indi­gen­ous Brit­ish Mam­mals, 2000

Digit­al video, SD 720 × 576 4:3
06:10 min
Filmed in Grizedale, Cum­bria, UK
Per­formed by Mar­cus Coates
Cam­era and sound by Duncan Coates
Pro­duced by Grizedale Arts

Bur­ied under­ground on moor­land, Coates listens to a Walk­man play­ing the cas­sette tape Mam­mal Haunts, Brit­ish Wild­life Hab­it­ats no. 6. He cop­ies each call until his voice becomes more strained and less recog­nis­able as the air dimin­ishes. In the last seconds the turf rolls back and he crawls from the pit.

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